Gas at Costco Wholesale USA

Some Costco locations display the prices for gas at the entrance of the warehouse club and also by the food court, but it’s a good idea to use an app like GasBuddy

You’ll often find a long line of vehicles waiting to buy gas at Costco

Before you pull up to the pump at any other gas station, you have to think about which side of the car your gas tank is on — but not at Costco

It's forbidden. Without the approval of a San Diego Zoo Global authorised representative, entering any animal exhibit could result in your arrest.

If you don’t buy gas at Costco often, you may be confused about why there’s a middle lane

Costco Cash Cards are also accepted, and those customers don’t need to be club member

The 4% cash back is for the first $7,000 in gasoline purchases per year; then it drops to 1% cash back.