Top Question About San Diego Safari Park

Top Question About San Diego Safari Park | Is San Diego Safari Park Worth It

Animal enthusiasts should travel to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Large field enclosures with open herds are its most renowned feature. If you prefer having close encounters with nature, sparse crowds long walk and having 4 to 6 hours to kill, you’ll enjoy it. Although not required, paid safari tours are advised.

San Diego Safari Park: Is It Pricey?

San Diego Safari Park is not inexpensive to visit. Additionally, you won’t appreciate the event if the price strains your already tight budget.

What is the gate fee for parking and admission tickets? One-Day Tickets

Adults (12 and older) = $67.
Child (ages 3 to 11) = $57
Infants and toddlers (newborns to age 2) are admitted free with a paid adult.
View all tickets right here.
Parking costs $15 for cars and $20 for RVs. On top of the hill, you can park closer to the gate. To park in premium parking, you must pay an additional $18 ($15 + $18 = $33 total).
Discounts on San Diego Safari Park tickets There are numerous methods to save money on your Safari Park admission tickets. Three of the simplest are, however

San diego zoo

Discounts on San Diego Safari Park tickets There are numerous methods to save money on your Safari Park admission tickets. Three of the simplest are, however:

Visiting in October while children are free
Visiting in February, when seniors over 65 are granted free admission
Save at least fifty percent. When purchasing tickets online via the zoo website, read my article on the “Top 30 San Diego Safari Park Discount Ticket Deals.” Saves $2
Visitation during “Value Days.” Saves $6

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What does entrance to San Diego Safari Park include?

With your paid entrance, everything that isn’t named “Safari” is free. For a detailed explanation, please visit my article on “What’s Included in Your San Diego Safari Park Admission?” In an easy-to-read chart, I’ve included every activity and event this attraction offers. Additionally, you may read brief summaries of each one to help you decide which ones you wish to take part in.

Although occasionally corny, the shows are good. The level of collaboration and trust between the animals, birds, and their trainers, however, will astound you. There are several intriguing free attractions and displays.

It’s highly advised to go on safari!

Take a safari if you can afford it. Your close-up encounters with the animals will be unforgettable, and the guides are informed. I’ve taken a few, and I’ve written reviews of them with my advice on which San Diego Safari Park trip is the best.

To get there, you’ll need access to a car.

Take an Uber or Lyft instead of renting a vehicle for the day. It takes at least two hours to travel to Safari Park using public transportation, one way.

Is Safari Park Time Well Spent?

Here are some issues to think about:

How long will you be staying in San Diego? If you just have one or two days to spend here, you might prefer to visit the Zoo over Safari Park. It is closer to Balboa Park, downtown San Diego, and a lot of other attractions.

Unless you’re a freak for animals. If I were you, I would visit both if I just had one day in San Diego. Yes, it is possible. How to visit the Zoo and Safari Park on the same day without becoming stressed out or passing out from weariness is covered on a page I made. It contains advice, a detailed itinerary, and maps.

San Diego Safari Park may be completed in two hours. However, that implies that you just see the barest minimum. You dash down to the Africa Tram, board it, travel to see the gorillas, and then return to the gate. You may also see Tiger Trail if you were to run.

But if you’re really pressed for time, pass on Safari Park. instead, visit the zoo. Traveling to and from Safari Park will take almost as long as your two-hour stay. From downtown to Safari Park in Escondido, one way, it takes at least 45 minutes by automobile.

Do you or anyone in your organisation have a short attention span? Instead of going on a safari, you might want to spend your time at the zoo.

San Diego Safari Park: Is It Worth the Trouble?

A visit to Safari Park requires some additional physical effort on top of the cost and time involved.

Be prepared to walk a lot. Your 10,000 steps will be completed! In comparison to those at the Zoo, the exhibits are farther apart. The distance from the park’s entrance to the Africa Tram is about 20 minutes by foot. At the Zoo, the hills are steeper. Here, there is only one significant elevation change. Lemur Walk and Cheetah Run are on either side. Additionally, there are two elevators. Use them unless you want to give your thighs a nice workout.

Additionally, the heat at Safari Park can be exhausting.

In the San Pasqual Valley, peak daytime temperatures in late August and early September often exceed 100°F (38°C). The ocean is only three miles from the zoo, which keeps the temperatures mild. Consequently, you can anticipate cooler temperatures all year long.

Fortunately, there is some free relief at Safari Park. You can get free water refills at any restaurant. Never hesitate to ask. The entire zoo staff is aware of how thirsty the heat can make you. They are eager to assist.

Water misters may be found in a number of important locations, including Nairobi Village and the line for the Africa Tram. Several playgrounds also have water features where kids (and adults, if needed) can cool off.

Do You Enjoy Animals?

For visiting San Diego Safari Park to be worthwhile, you must be interested in wildlife, the environment, and conservation. The decision of whether or not to spend your valuable time at San Diego Safari Park depends on this fact.

When you travel, do you look for the local zoos and animal shelters? Do your kids enjoy watching animals on television or on YouTube if you have kids? When asked what they’d prefer to do, do they choose going to a zoo or on a nature walk?

They and you are likely to like this attraction if you can say YES to those three questions.