Hottest web series of the month is coming on Prime Shot.

The hottest web series of the month is coming on Prime Shot.

Coming soon on Prime Shot will be the hottest web series of the month. The teaser for the upcoming online series Andha Hazood was made available on YouTube this evening via the well-known OTT platform PrimeShots app. Weekly web series are now released on the Primeshots app. Primeshots is a popular online series.

On the well-known OTT service Primeshots, you may watch the Indian web serial Andha Dhoom. The web series “Andha Hazood Primeshots” is a fantasy, drama, and romance.

You may watch every episode of this web series online using the Primeshots app. The fact that Primeshots is not a free app, however, ensures this.

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Web series Story

This is Rohit’s blind character’s narrative. Her father owns a sizable business. He shares Rohit’s story with one of his workers. The employer dispatches his wife Monika to look after Rohit at his residence.

Rohit’s blindness is used by Monica. Monica burglarizes homes and takes cash and jewels. Watch the full web series only on the Primeshots app to see what will happen next.

Release date for web series

Only the Primeshots app online has Blind Haze 2022 been made available. Two episodes make up this web series. Hindi-language Andha Dhund was made available.