Download Twitter Images in Original Quality?

Ways To Download Twitter Images in Original Quality

Download Twitter Images in Original Quality?

Twitter isn’t primarily a photo-sharing website like other social media platforms. As a result, it significantly reduces the size of images to make them more compatible with the web and mobile devices. You might notice that this compression lowers the image quality, especially when uploading photos taken with professional cameras. But in this explainer, we’ve shown you five efficient ways to download Twitter images in their original quality. Additionally, you can use the Twitter app to learn how to make your own GIFs.

How To Download Twitter Images in Original Quality?

In order to make the uploaded image suitable for web viewing, Twitter may reduce the size, shrink, or expand it based on its algorithm. As a result, the uploaded image only has a marginally higher quality than the original. Let’s take a close look at five efficient ways to download these images in their original quality if that is what you want to do.

Change the Tweet URL to Download Original Quality Images

Making adjustments to an image’s URL path to reveal the original image resolution is one of the simplest ways to download it in its original quality from Twitter. When it is revealed, you can use your device’s browser options to download it. This is how:

1. Open your desired Twitter image and right-click on it to view it in a new tab on your web browser.

2. Replace the keywords written after the ‘name=‘ attribute with the ‘orig‘ keyword and hit enter to refresh the image.

3. Notice the image resolution change in the opened tab’s title bar.

4. Lastly, to save this image in original quality and dimensions, right-click on it and press the ‘Save Image as‘ option to export it to your system.

Use the Chrome Extension for Twitter View Original Images.

The Twitter View Original Images chrome extension is another simple way to view and download any image on Twitter in its original quality quickly. Here’s how you can take advantage of this tool:

1. Install the Twitter View Original Images extension from the Chrome web store to your browser.

2. Next, open Twitter in a new tab and notice the presence of an original button right below each image on your timeline.

3. Click on the Original button to view the image with its original quality.

4. Finally, click on the Download link in the top-left corner to save this image to your device.